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Big Red Jelly, a digital marketing company based in Orem, Utah, was founded on the idea that growth comes from treating clients as neighbors and collaborators, not simply spectators. Their team focuses on three main categories: brand, build, and grow. Services within these categories include logo design, targeted messaging, business asset branding, custom website design, CRM/sales automations, mobile ready designs, social media marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization, and many more!

It is clear from their glowing testimonials and 5 star Google reviews that customer satisfaction is a top priority for BRJ. Josh Webber, co-founder, described how for a few years, Big Red Jelly had been wanting to specialize but were dragging their feet. When they felt a pull to pivot and niche down, it was easier said than done. 

The COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be the perfect time to make needed changes. The shut-down served as a launch pad for the company’s goals and exponential growth. 

Josh described how a third of Big Red Jelly’s clients had to pause their services. Because BRJ works with a wide variety of businesses (dentists, restaurants, travel agencies, activity planners, you name it!), they knew firsthand the toll the pandemic was taking on small businesses. Big Red Jelly decided at the beginning of the pandemic to help fellow business owners come back from the hardships of COVID-19. 

Internally, Josh decided it was time for Big Red Jelly to finally make the pivots he had aimed for.

It felt like a huge risk to slim down and focus solely on branding and building digital solutions. We focused on what we’ve always done best. Once we made that choice, we saw a pretty scary dip for a month or two. However, we later bounced back faster than ever before right in the middle of the pandemic. While the rest of the world was waiting out the lock down, we were able to experience tremendous growth. 

Big Red Jelly is an inspiring example of how hyperfocusing on what you want to do, even in the worst of situations, is better than being too general and losing focus of where your priorities lie. 

BRJ teams now focus on three services rather than trying to juggle six or seven. Management decided to not let anyone go during that transition, trusting in their new vision. The priceless skill of learning quickly allowed employees to work hard and stay organized in such a hectic time. They proved that at their core, Big Red Jelly team members are truly efficient and creative.

BRJ is growing faster than ever before and is excited to see what the future holds. Josh attributes this growth to decisions made during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Their success is a living testament that small-business owners should always be looking to innovate and pivot where needed. For true neighbors and collaborators, getting too comfortable is simply not an option. 

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Ty Erickson, the owner of Private Label Chocolate, knows better than anyone that memorability is key to successful marketing and customer relations. The company based in Bluffdale, Utah began with a mission to not only provide high quality, one-of-a-kind chocolate, but to teach their clients how to market themselves and set their brand apart. With faithful partners ranging from the Utah Jazz, catering businesses, and insurance firms, it’s clear that people remember the beloved proprietary chocolate. 

Prior to March of 2020, most of Ty Erickson’s time as president of the marketing and branding company had been spent working in the business, not on the business. Teams were focused on expansion and diversification. Success and security seemed to be a guarantee. 

Just when business couldn’t have been going better for Private Label Chocolate, the COVID-19 pandemic came along and took its hit on companies across the world. For Erickson, and many other business owners, the pandemic created the most interesting, challenging year of his career. Chocolate orders plummeted from 40,000 truffles to a mere 4,000 after March 15th. Many employees quit out of fear that the company would lose all stability in the new market. Despite the initial horror and shock created by the pandemic, Erickson can see that the changes and decisions made during that time are easily the best thing to happen to Private Label Chocolate. 

Suddenly having to shut down caused Erickson and his remaining employees to reevaluate everything about the company. (You can only sit around cleaning machinery, pawning off excess inventory, and staring at your coworkers for so long). It became clear that things could not keep going the way they had before the global pandemic. 

With nothing but time on their hands and a whole lot of chocolate, the team took a deep dive into the details behind their processes, vendors, and machinery. They learned more about the business than they thought possible. 

When asked how Private Label Chocolate bounced back so effectively, one answer kept coming up time and time again with Ty Erickson: “We got lean, and we got efficient”. 

“Only doing and having what you need is a cut back that allows you to double down on your strengths. I would have never dared to cut back less popular flavors like we did, I was convinced ‘more is better’. But that, among other changes to simplify our process, gave us the flexibility to remain strong when things changed (and they changed quickly and drastically). Staying in your business’s ‘comfort zone’ prevents discovery that can propel you towards future success. We play offense but we are always prepared to make a switch in the middle of the game. Maintaining flexibility and putting yourself in a position to pivot allows for maximum growth.”

The time Private Label Chocolate used to slow down and reevaluate was invaluable to their successful bounce back following the pandemic. Now, with the same volume of orders as before, Erickson says they are 75% leaner and more efficient than prior years. 

For a company focused on memorability, 2020 provided the prime opportunity to continue to perfect their strategy and grow stronger than ever before. Though the future brings new questions of pricing challenges, economic growth, and other adjustments, Private Label Chocolate is looking forward to their next memorable journey.

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  • Josh Webber says:

    Love this article, I agree that if the community can come together, there will be a COMEBACK for small businesses this year and the next. Small businesses have competitive advantages in customer service, attention to detail and more that BIG CO just can’t match.

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